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Target Groups

EuroWhiteCert is directly addressed at the following major groups of stakeholders:


National and EU level public authorities responsible for energy efficiency and renewable energy policy definition, implementation and evaluation.

EuroWhiteCert aims to provide public authorities with understanding of the potential of white certificates to meet certain policy goals as compared to current policy portfolios, of the specifics of white certificates, including its co-existence with other instruments applied to improve the sustainability of the energy sector, and of the cost related to its implementation and the involved benefits, such as primary energy and CO2 savings.


Business entities, including utilities, large end-users, energy service companies, carbon investors, companies that are willing or obliged to carrying out energy efficiency interventions and/or CO2 emission reductions, consumer associations, building and industrial associations

The action promoted wants to raise awareness among business entities of how energy efficiency projects can be used for the attainment of different obligations, for capturing business opportunities and advancing company’s image, and for capitalising on existing projects. The direct involvement of the stakeholders is secured through:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Presentation of the project in different workshops
  • Direct involvement of business entities in the pilot phase, to test the possible demand for a Certificate market


Financing institutions active in energy efficiency borrowing

The action aims to raise the interest and facilitate the involvement of financing institutions in energy efficiency projects by providing a common standardised EU metrics to evaluate them.


Researchers and NGOs

Active dialogue is sought with developers of related projects, ongoing and completed. This allows the establishment of an informal European discussion forum, as well as exchange of experiences and transfer of knowledge.




The EuroWhiteCert project has been coordinated by the end-use Efficiency Research Group of Politecnico di Milano end-use Efficiency Research Group

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